BIHYSA is committed to providing a safe return to practices and play for all of our members.  Here are the guidelines that our board of directors have committed for our return to BIHYSA activities.

Practice Guidelines:

  1. No one who feels uncomfortable practicing or playing soccer should.
  2. If anyone is sick or feels like they are getting sick, they should not attend practice.
  3. Practices should be limited to players and coaches only (no parents in attendance)
  4. Hands should be washed thoroughly before and after practice by all participants.
  5. Coaches must wear masks throughout the practice.
  6. Players should wear masks to and from practice, but will not be required to wear them while actively training, just as joggers and bicyclists are not required to wear masks while exercising.
  7. There should be no sharing of water or equipment during practices.

***  Guidelines for coaches to encourage social distancing during training include: 1) As little standing in lines during practice as possible and leaving 6 feet between players if there is a line, 2) Training sessions should be spread out in a large area and at least 50 feet from any other team training, 3) Coaches should speak to team players in a group only if they are spread out so that distancing guidelines are still followed.


Big Island HYSA League Games:


  1. All coaches must wear masks throughout the games (before, during and after).  I know that it is difficult to speak through a mask, but do the best you can as we want to keep everyone safe at our games.  All players and referees must wear masks at all times when not involved in active play, this means to and from the field, during check-ins and at halftime.
  2. There will be no tents allowed at the games for the time being.  This includes the technical side of the field.  Tents encourage people to move closer to one another and not socially distance.  We are asking that teams try to have individual chairs for players and avoid benches or connected seats. These are simple changes that will encourage social distancing for players who are not actively playing.
  3. Substitutes in the technical area should wear masks until the point when they are ready to return to the game.  At that point they need to go to the half-line and stand 10 feet away from the field.
  4. Coaches and team admins need to use a touch-less thermometer to check the temperature of each player on their roster prior to the match.  A temp of 100.4 or higher is considered a fever and the player must be sent home.  The league has supplied a touch-less thermometer for Parker Ranch.  Rush and Surf both have thermometers for their clubs in Hilo.  Anyone who does not have a touch-less thermometer needs to borrow and clean one from a hosting club.
  5. Hand sanitizer will be provided at the field, but we recommend bringing some of your own just in case.
  6. We also recommend that players and coaches use the restroom before coming to the field to avoid having to contact public facilities.  These facilities will be sprayed with hydrogen peroxide hourly, but this will only reduce and not eliminate the possibility of exposure to a contagion.
  7. Check-in will proceed as normal, but the referee will allow the coach or admin to hold his/her phone and everyone should remain 6 feet apart.  A paper game card is still required for every game.
  8. Teams can arrive an hour early for a game, but will need to remain in their cars until the previous game is complete.  After your team’s game, please exit the field quickly and avoid congregating.  You may need to do a zoom meeting with the team to discuss the game.
  9. No spectators will be allowed for 10U to 19U due to the maximum of 75 persons allowed at a game at any time.  This means that EVERYONE who is watching a game must remain inside their car, truck or van.  You can sit in the bed of your truck, open the back hatch of your van/SUV or watch out the window of your car.  You CANNOT sit in a chair by your car, sit on the ground next to your car, or stand next to your car.  People watching a game must remain INSIDE your vehicle.  For 8U, one parent will be allowed to attend the match in person to oversee the well being of the younger players.  Masks must be worn by all spectators for 8U, and parents must sit more than 6 feet apart while watching the game.  No groups of spectators are allowed for any reason.  If at any point, the referee believes that the 75 person max has been reached or rules are being violated, spectators will be asked to leave the field.  Please respect the county rules, which allow us to continue to play our games.
  10. There are no handshakes, no high fives, no sharing of water bottles and no team huddles.  A socially distanced coin toss between masked opponents and a masked referee will be used to initiate the game.
  11. If you feel ill or have been in contact with anyone who could be Covid positive (due to symptoms, contact tracing, travel or high risk contact), please refrain from playing until you are cleared to return.
  12. We will be following all Federal, State and County guidelines for playing outdoor, relatively non-contact sports.  There will be no additional requirements for vaccinations nor stipulations on the number of new Covid-19 cases as far as continuation of our games is concerned.  If the county declares that we must stop playing games, we will abide by their request.


This proposal will be enforced by each club or team and monitored by our BIHYSA board of directors.  Violations of this proposal can result in suspensions of teams from games using our existing system of our Protest, Appeals and Disciplinary (PAD) committee.  We are all committed to following the rules and guidelines for public health purposes.  This will require all of us to do our part to prevent the spread of the virus while continuing our lives in some new form.