Steps for Establishing a Team with BIHYSA

Player registrations, team reservations, lost member passes, forms and more information.

Risk Management

All Coaches, administrators, team managers and volunteers must be Risk Management (RM) approved and entered into the Affinity System in order to be listed on a game card for a team.  The RM badge is good for two years, but may need to be re-activated prior to the second year.  If your RM Badge has expired you must re-apply for a new one before you can be listed on a game card.  Registration for a Risk Management badge may be done online via the state HYSA website.  Some frequently asked questions regarding Risk Management badge are located here.

All adult coaches, team managers, referees and administrators must undergo HCAMP concussion awareness training and the new, US Soccer mandated SafeSport training. Both are done online at the applicant’s convenience, and certificates of completion must be uploaded into your Affinity account once complete.

The link for the concussion awareness training (parent or coach mode) is:

The link for US Soccer’s SafeSport training is 

NO ONE WILL BE ALLOWED TO VOLUNTEER IN BIHYSA WITHOUT COMPLETING THESE TWO NATIONAL REQUIREMENTS.  Risk Management approval will only be granted once the completion certificates are uploaded to your Affinity account



Team Reservations

Team fees are based on the length and number of games you play and the cost of the referees. In addition, the team fee includes a league administration fee and a charge for field maintenance and scheduling, which are based on the number of field players for a team. There is also a $50 refundable forfeit fee added to each team, which will be refunded in part or total in the event that a team does not forfeit during the season. For a complete breakdown of these charges see the  BI-HYSA Rules and Regulations.

Must be received by the due date (no exceptions)

  1. Fill out Team Reservation Form
  2. Team fees may be paid using Pay Pal or by check made payable to Big Island HYSA league and mailed to Big Island HYSA, c/o Gordon Inouye, 16-685 Milo St., Kea’au, HI 96749.
  3. Email completed forms to:
  4. Withdrawal of a team after their initial reservation but before the final schedule is posted results in a forfeit of ½ fee. If a team withdraws after the final schedule is posted but before the season begins they will forfeit ¾ of their team fee. If a team withdraws once the season begins (after the first BI-HYSA game), the entire team fee will be forfeited.

The Team reservation form will be used to make the schedule and roster the coaches and managers to the appropriate teams. Please include an email address for someone from each team, so that requests for referee evaluations can automatically be emailed to that person.  Include with your team reservations any scheduling requests for each team for this season. Requests made after the deadline will be honored on a case-by-case basis.

Team Fees Spring 2024

Player Registration



*** IMPORTANT – Every player will be electronically registered under his/her families’ Affinity login information.  It is important that every family only have one login per family and that all family members are listed under that one login.  If you have issues with getting logged into Affinity, please use the “Forgot Username/password” link to recover your information.  If you have more than one account, please contact Affinity for help merging these accounts (1-888-212-9666).

Player Registration for August 1st-July 31st = $50

Players younger than 5 years old will register as recreational players for $20 ($10 to the State and $10 for the league)

If you need help please see the help file :   Electronic Player Registration Directions

For players who are primarily rostered on O’ahu, but want to play in our league, they will need to submit a player status form (PSF, see below) to your area registrar and pay a fee of  $20 by check made payable to Big Island HYSA league and mailed to Big Island HYSA, c/o Gordon Inouye, 16-685 Milo St., Kea’au, HI 96749.

Team Rostering

To submit a team roster you must ensure the following is completed:

  1. Ensure that every player has registered electronically in the Affinity system.  Affinity will send a completed HYSA membership form as a PDF once a player has successfully registered.  Please print this form and have the parents sign it as necessary.
  2. A completed Team Roster Form  
  3. Roster sizes are defined based on age division. There is a maximum number of players allowed on the roster and a maximum number allowed to be active for a particular game.  Please be aware that players who are not active for a game will NOT appear on the electronic player pass system and cannot play.  See roster limits on the chart.

Completed team roster forms should be emailed to your area league registrar:

Kona/North Hawaii Areas                                Hilo Area



Once the rosters are in Affinity, coaches or admins can activate or inactivate players as follows:

1. Go to the roster in Affinity where you print game cards
2. Click the “Tournament” tab at the top
3. Click “edit” for the league season that you are currently playing
4. Click the “Player Roster” tab at the top
5. Make sure all players you wish to activate are checked. If you check more than the limits states above the last players added will NOT show up on the electronic player passes. AFFINITY WILL ALLOW YOU TO CHECK ALL PLAYERS EVEN IF YOU ARE OVER THE LIMIT, BUT ALL PLAYERS WILL NOT SHOW UP IN THE ELECTRONIC PASSES–SO YOU NEED TO CHECK THE NUMBER. Make sure the number you have checked to be activated is within the above limits for activated players. 
5. Click “Sync Roster”

Changing a Player’s Status

A currently registered Big Island HYSA player may need to change his/her status with a club or team during any given year (August through July) for any of a number of reasons, such as, transfer to a new club, voluntary/involuntary release of a player, changing a player’s primary/secondary team affiliation or guest playing for another team for a tournament.  To enable a player to make this change, the player, player’s parents, coach or team manager must fill out a Player Status Form (PSF) indicating the reason for the change and obtain the appropriate signatures.  The completed PSF can be submitted to the registrar via email along with the request for the change and a the original copy should be retained by the initiating club for their records.

Players Wanting to “Play Up”

The term “Play Up” refers to a player who wishes to play in a division above their age appropriate division.  Any player who wishes to play in the division immediately above their age appropriate division does not need to fill out a waiver form.  However, in certain extreme cases a player may wish to play up to a division above the next available division.  For instance, a U10 player who want to play on a U14 team.  These players must complete a Play Up Waiver Request Form in order to be rostered on a team in a division with an age difference of more than 3 years (that is not the next available division). U8 players cannot be younger than 5 years old.

Team Travel

All traveling teams must obtain proper insurance and approval before they are able to enter a tournament outside of their leagues.  A full description of what is necessary and how to obtain this approval is listed on the state HYSA website.  A link to the Medical Release Form necessary for traveling is also located on the website. If you have players that will be guest playing with teams in the mainland, you will have to complete an Interstate Travel Permission Form.

Concessions and Fundraising at Big Island HYSA games

Fundraising activities such as concessions are allowed at Big Island HYSA Games.  However, the proper protocol must be followed by all clubs and teams intending to use our league games to help raise money.  Our league has a standing committee made up of three board members who accept and review the requests for running concessions at our games.  A BIHYSA Concessions Request form must be download, completed and returned by email to the league withing two weeks of the intended concession.  Permission to run the concession will be contingent on approval by the committee and based on a first-come first-serve basis with hosting club/teams given priority over visiting clubs/teams.