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fall 2018 Schedule !!! 


Changes for FALL 2018 Season –

  • Procedure for rescheduling of rain-out games :
  1. Games should be rescheduled to play within two weeks from cancellation date
  2. Team requesting rescheduling dates should email the league within 3 days after the cancellation with a few options for replaying the game with secure dates, times and locations.
  3. Team receiving requesting dates will have 72 hours to respond or forfeit. So first team to find options for replaying the game benefits by being proactive.
  • Voluntary/requested game changes will cost $40 for the team requesting the change after the final schedule is posted on Affinity. There is no requirement for a team to accept a change, and the team requesting the change will only be charged if the change is accepted.
  • We will be utilizing a promotion/relegation system for creating the division brackets for the coming season. The purpose is to ensure that our top A flight has a sufficient number of teams to create diversity of opponents and promote the development of our best teams.  Here is how it will work:
  1. The results of the previous season will be used to create place-holders for the upcoming season for the top 8 teams in each division.
  2. The top 6 teams will be used to create an A flight.
  3. The next 6-9 teams will be used to create a B flight. If there are more than 9 teams then there will be both a B and C flight with the higher ranked teams in the B flight.
  4. All clubs/teams entering a team in a specific division must utilize the place-holder (unless more than half the roster is composed of players new to BIHYSA – then the team can petition the executive board).
  5. All teams who are new to BIHYSA enter at the bottom of the flights and must earn their movement up through the flights.
  6. At the end of the season, there will be a 4 game playoff between the top 4 teams in the A flight (2 semis, championship and 3rd place games). There will also be a 4 game promotion/relegation between the bottom 2 A flight teams and the top 2 B flight teams (2 semis, promotion and 3rd place games).  A similar set of promotion/relegation  games will be used if there is a C flight.
  7. These 8 games will order the top 8 teams in the league and create place-holders for the subsequent season. Regular season standings will be used to create ranking of teams not involved in the top 8 games.
  8. Teams will be moved up to the next ranking spot if a team does not return to the league the following season. So the ranking order is important to be maintained throughout each division.

Here are the place-holders for next season


  • Enforcement of Rule 4.4 will be implemented for the fall 2018 season by fining any club $100 per referee which they fail to provide to the league. Rule 4.4 states that, “Every team registered for BI‐HYSA should make one‐half of a referee available to officiate BI‐HYSA games for that season. This includes making sure the referee is properly trained, equipped and actively refereeing games for BI‐HYSA”



Nico Romeijn

USSF Director of Coaching Education

Coaching Courses and Development


All coaching courses utilize the USSF Digital Coaching Center.  The online coursework and 4v4 module can be done anytime during the year.  Modules for 7v7, 9v9 and 11v11 will be offered in mid-June every year and are required for coaching at the level intended for your team.

2018 U.S. Soccer Coaching Education Grassroots License Pathway


Big island HYSA Rules and Regulations

Coaches should become familiar with both the BI-HYSA Rules and Regulationsas well as the HYSA Team Manual.

Coaches on the Technical Side

Only persons having in their possession a valid Risk Management badge issued to them and listed on the printed roster may actively participate with a team during a HYSA sanctioned game or activity. This means that all coaches that will be on the technical side of the field must have completed Risk Management prior to their first game.  Be advised it takes a month, if not more, to get your badge.

Maximum Roster Sizes

USSF has given guidelines for the size of rosters based on the small sided game initiative (see Game Specifications Page).  These are recommended maximum roster sizes.  BIHYSA understands that based on our geography and limited number of clubs and teams in a given area that conforming to these maximums can be challenging, especially at the U8 and U10 age divisions.  Please try to conform your team sizes to those prescribed by USSF as best as possible.

Multi-rostering of Players

Multi Rostering will be limited to 3 players for teams with less than 8 players a side, 4 players for teams with 8 to 10 players aside. 5 players with teams playing 11 aside. This limit applies to player’s multi rostered from within the league.

Forfeiting a game

If a team forfeits a game but would still like to engage in a scrimmage, substitute players must have member card present and play in the correct age division. In addition any cards that are issued count towards your season total.  There is no fee for forfeiting a game and playing a scrimmage.  There is a $25 fee for a forfeit more than 60 hours prior to the start of the game and $50 fee if the forfeit is announced within 60 hours of the start of the game.  A $75 fee will be assessed for a “no show” to a game.