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Changes for Spring 2020 Season

  1. The spring 2020 season will be shortened by one game for each division to enable us to have playoffs on the weekend before Mother’s Day.  8U to 14U will have 9 games instead of 10, and 16U & 19U will have 7 games instead of 8. 
  2. BIHYSA has created an Traveling League (TL) which will be separate from our regular season games.  This league will allow clubs/teams with players from other clubs/teams to create rosters that allow them to play as a team while still enjoying the games with their “home” clubs/teams.  This league will be formed by any club teams willing or wishing to enter.  The games will be minimal to prevent over playing of players.  The purpose of this league is to allow rosters for our regular season games to be created based on club players only.  The ETL rosters will be for players wanting to travel with local teams, which need games to qualify for PDC or State Cup.  The number of teams and games in this league will depend on how many clubs/teams are interested in entering.  Please contact BIHYSA for more information.

We will continue to do the following :

  1. Promotion/Relegation will continue into the Spring season based on the results from the fall season (see placeholders below).  If a team wants to promote up to a higher flight than what they are scheduled to be in based on placeholders, they must find another team that is willing to relegate into their place.  This move can only happen if both teams agree to the change and no other teams are affected by the move.
  2. Our 8U division will be use the new model for creating the season schedule.  Due to the variability in the the level of skill of 8U teams, BIHYSA will employ a method for scheduling 8U games which is similar to a tournament style of competition.  Basically, the 8U division will be divided into two groups of teams (relatively balanced).  A schedule will be generated for the 8U division for the first 5 weeks of competition.  At the end of those weekends, the top half of teams from each division will be grouped to form an A flight and the bottom half of each division will be grouped to form a B flight.  These two flights will play the remaining 5 weeks of games to determine seeding within their respective flights.
  3. Players who play on 14U teams on Saturdays and wish to play on 16U and 19U teams on Sundays, as well as players traveling from other islands, will not contribute to the 3-4-5 rule for multi-rostering onto BIHYSA teams.

IMPORTANT NEW IFAB changes to the laws of the game:

  1. Players may leave the field from the nearest point to where they are during a substitution.
  2. Coaches can and will be shown cards for cautions and send-offs. ASK-TELL-DISMISS
  3. Team who wins the coin toss can pick ball or direction.
  4. Drop balls inside penalty area are dropped to the keeper. Outside the penalty area, DB goes to player of last team to touch the ball, all players must be 4.5 yards away from the ball.
  5. If the ball hits the ref and goes to the other team, starts an attack or scores, then a DB.
  6. Hand Balls will be called, even if accidental, if… a goal is scored or a goal scoring opportunity is created after hitting an attacking players hand, the ball hits the hand of a player who has made themselves bigger, or if the hand is above player’s shoulders.
  7. Attackers are not allowed with 1 yard of a wall with more than two defenders. Violation at the time of the kick is an indirect free kick for the defending team.
  8. Goal kicks and free kicks from inside a penalty area are considered in play when the ball moves (the ball does not have to leave the penalty area to be considered in play) and opposing team must still be outside the penalty area.
  9. During penalty kicks, the keeper cannot be moving, nor touching the bar/posts/net, and must have one foot on the goal line when kick is taken.


For a brief but more detailed breakdown of these changes, please click HERE


For a complete description of the changes directly from IFAB, please click HERE


Spring 2020 Season placeholders

Big Island HYSA summer – grAssroots Coaching course

This summer, BIHYSA will be offering its annual grassroots coaching course.  The course is taught by our HYSA state technical director, George Kuntz.  George is the Men’s coach at Cal State Fullerton and one of the founding members of BIHYSA.  He does an outstanding job of teaching these classes, and we are fortunate to have someone of his status to help with our coaching instruction.  These courses will be held:
Friday, June 19th, 2020 in the evening – 7v7 class
Saturday, June 20th, 2020 in the morning – 9v9 class
Saturday, June 20th, 2020 in the afternoon – 11v11 class
Where : Parker School in Waimea (TBD).

 CLICK HERE TO REGISTER (coming soon) !!! 

Big Island HYSA Coaching continuing education Clinic

NEW FOR THIS SUMMER – BIHYSA will be starting a new continuing education program for all of our BIHYSA coaches.  On Sunday, June 21st, we will be having a coaching competition at our field at Parker Ranch.  This will be a fun day of coaching and soccer development offered for any of our BIHYSA coaches.  The purpose is to bring all of our coaches together to learn from one another and compete for prizes depending on the number of entries and level of coaching license.
Here is how it will work:
1.  Coaches let me know that they have an interest in competing ASAP.
2.  Coaches will be broken down into categories based on license level and years of experience.
3.  George Kuntz will assign session topics for coaches who will be entered in the competition.
4.  The coaches will have three weeks to work on developing their training sessions to address the topic assigned.
5.  On Sunday, June 23rd, each coach will have the opportunity to run his/her session and get feedback and input from everyone in attendance.
6.  Voting on the sessions will be a balance between George’s vote and those clubs in attendance.
7.  Winners will receive prizes based on on the number of entries and level of licensing.
ALL BIHYSA coaches are welcome to attend the event (even if they are not competing).  This is an opportunity for everyone to learn from one another in a fun atmosphere.  Coaches may bring their own players, or borrow from the volunteer pool that will be there.  BIHYSA will be providing food and drinks for all participants.


Please include your name, license level and years of coaching experience in your email

Nico Romeijn

USSF Director of Coaching Education


Coaching Courses and Development

All coaching courses utilize the USSF Digital Coaching Center.  The online coursework and 4v4 module can be done anytime during the year.  Modules for 7v7, 9v9 and 11v11 will be offered in mid-June every year and are required for coaching at the level intended for your team.

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Season Specifics located with timeline


 Division, Game and Field Specifications

Big island HYSA Rules and Regulations

Coaches should become familiar with both the BI-HYSA Rules and Regulations as well as the HYSA Team Manual.

Coaches on the Technical Side

Only persons having in their possession a valid Risk Management badge issued to them and listed on the printed roster may actively participate with a team during a HYSA sanctioned game or activity. This means that all coaches that will be on the technical side of the field must have completed Risk Management prior to their first game.  Be advised it takes a month, if not more, to get your badge.

Maximum Roster Sizes

USSF has given guidelines for the size of rosters based on the small sided game initiative (see Game Specifications Page).  These are recommended maximum roster sizes.  BIHYSA understands that based on our geography and limited number of clubs and teams in a given area that conforming to these maximums can be challenging, especially at the U8 and U10 age divisions.  Please try to conform your team sizes to those prescribed by USSF as best as possible.

Multi-rostering of Players

Multi Rostering will be limited to 3 players for teams with less than 8 players a side, 4 players for teams with 8 to 10 players aside. 5 players with teams playing 11 aside. This limit applies to player’s multi rostered from within the league.

Forfeiting a game

If a team forfeits a game but would still like to engage in a scrimmage, substitute players must have member card present and play in the correct age division. In addition any cards that are issued count towards your season total.  There is no fee for forfeiting a game and playing a scrimmage.  There is a  $50 fee if a team forfeits and does not play a scrimmage.  A $75 fee will be assessed for a “no show” to a game.

Rescheduling/Game Changes

Voluntary/requested game changes will cost $40 for the team requesting the change after the final schedule is posted on Affinity. There is no requirement for a team to accept a change, and the team requesting the change will only be charged if the change is accepted.