Season Timeline 

This is a general timeline for the availability of the schedule, first games, final games and playoffs.  The schedule listed on Affinity linked above represents the actual schedule for the season.  All games will be played according to the dates and times established on the Affinity website.  This information is given for planning purposes only.

Upcoming Soccer Camps and Clinics

This website is designed to be a repository of information for our Big Island Soccer community.  BIHYSA does not endorse or promote any one camp, clinic or tournament over another.  We respect the individual’s right to make a choice about what experiences are made available to each player and we provide as much information as possible about all of the choices.  If you are unsure about any particular camp, clinic or tournament, please ask your coach or team administrator for guidance.

Concessions and Fundraising at Big Island HYSA games

Fundraising activities such as concessions are allowed at Big Island HYSA Games.  However, the proper protocol must be followed by all clubs and teams intending to use our league games to help raise money.  Our league has a standing committee made up of three board members who accept and review the requests for running concessions at our games.  A BIHYSA Concessions Request form must be download, completed and returned by email to the league withing two weeks of the intended concession.  Permission to run the concession will be contingent on approval by the committee and based on a first-come first-serve basis with hosting club/teams given priority over visiting clubs/teams.