Brazilian Soccer Camps & Finishing Clinics

Coach Luiz from Kona Crush SA is offering some summer camps

Finishing Clinics

June 12th-13th – Hilo

June 15th-16th – Kona

Soccer Camps

June 18th-20th – Kona

June 25th-27th – Hilo

July 12th-14th – Hilo

July 19th-21st – Kona

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June 12th to July 21st

Leones Negros Youth Soccer Camp

Ages 6-10: 10 AM – 1 PM

Ages 11-16: 2 PM – 5 PM

Fast footwork, passing, shooting, and dribbling

Location: Shipman Park

Coaches: Brazilian/English – Thiago Goncalves & Manchester City/California assistant coaches

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June 25th to 26th

Fall 2019 Playoff Results


8U Champions – Leones Negros 8U Black

Final score 7-6 (3-1 on PKs) in favor of Leones Negros 8U Black

8U Finalists – Rush 10 boys Nero


10U Champions – Rush 10 boys

Final score 3-2 in favor of Rush 10b

10U Finalists – Rush 10 girls


10U Promotion – surf 10u girls


12U Champions – Na hoa o Puna 12u red

Final score 7-2 in favor of Na Hoa o Puna 12U Red

12U Finalists – Kona crush SA 08 boys


12U a/b promotion – rush bi 08 girls

12U b/c promotion – kona rage 12u

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12U b/c promotion – na hoa o puna 12u white

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14U Champions – Rush BI 06 boys

Final score 4-1 in favor of Rush BI 06b

14U Finalists – surf 14u premier


14U a/b promotion – Parker bulls 06 bw

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14U b/c promotion – kona crush girls’ pre-academy


14U b/c promotion – rush bi 06 girls


16U Girls’ Champions – Surf 16u girls


16U Boys’ Champions – Kona crush SA 16U boys


19U Girls’ Champions – kona crush academy GIRLS I


19U Boys’ Champions – Kona crush Academy boys I