After suspending play due to the pandemic, we are all excited to be back on the field playing games again.  The Mayor’s office announced that organized games can begin again after July 20th.  SO, we are resuming play on Saturday, July 25th.  If any outbreak occurs, these plans can change, but as of July 1st, we are back at games in just over three weeks!

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July 25th to November 15th

Fall 2019 Playoff Results


8U Champions – Leones Negros 8U Black

Final score 7-6 (3-1 on PKs) in favor of Leones Negros 8U Black

8U Finalists – Rush 10 boys Nero


10U Champions – Rush 10 boys

Final score 3-2 in favor of Rush 10b

10U Finalists – Rush 10 girls


10U Promotion – surf 10u girls


12U Champions – Na hoa o Puna 12u red

Final score 7-2 in favor of Na Hoa o Puna 12U Red

12U Finalists – Kona crush SA 08 boys


12U a/b promotion – rush bi 08 girls

12U b/c promotion – kona rage 12u

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12U b/c promotion – na hoa o puna 12u white

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14U Champions – Rush BI 06 boys

Final score 4-1 in favor of Rush BI 06b

14U Finalists – surf 14u premier


14U a/b promotion – Parker bulls 06 bw

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14U b/c promotion – kona crush girls’ pre-academy


14U b/c promotion – rush bi 06 girls


16U Girls’ Champions – Surf 16u girls


16U Boys’ Champions – Kona crush SA 16U boys


19U Girls’ Champions – kona crush academy GIRLS I


19U Boys’ Champions – Kona crush Academy boys I