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CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF OUR Fall 2018 high achievers… including fall champions, finalists and college bound players!!








Kaila Ambrosio

University of Nevada Las Vegas





Jordan Pacheco

Northern Arizona University






Emalia “Emi” Higgins

Colorado School of Mines





Kierstyn Yamamoto

Cal Baptist University







Kiara Cuyo

Holy Names University





Saydee Bacdad

Utah Valley University





Tage Boyette

Cardiff Metropolitan University





Sihkea Jim

Colorado School of Mines


Fall 2018 Playoff Results


8U Champions – Rush 10b nero

Final score 11-5 in favor of Rush 10b Nero

8U Finalists – pbsc 12


10U Champions – Surf 10Ub

Final Score 4-3 in overtime in favor of Surf 10Ub

10U Finalists – Rush 09b


12U Champions – rush 07b

Final score 4-1 in favor of Rush 07b

12U Finalists – KCSA 07b


14U Champions – Na Hoa 14u

Final Score 1-1 after overtime and Na Hoa 14U won in kicks from the mark 4-1

14U Finalists – rush 05b


16U boys Champions – kcsa 03b


16U Girls Champions – kcsa 03/04g


 19U girls champions – KCSA Girls Academy


19U boys Champions – KCSA Boys aCADEMY

congratulations to all of our

big island hysa 

graduating seniors 2018!


Special recognition goes to the following graduating seniors who will be attending colleges in the fall on soccer scholarships or playing soccer at the next level…

Player Club University/College/Team
Akari Shimizu Kona Crush SA/Shattuck St Mary’s University of California Riverside 
Esai Easley Kona Crush SA/Sounders/De Anza Force Grand Canyon University 
Evyn Prine Hawaii Rush Big Island UH Hilo
Finn Simmersbach Kona Crush SA/Shattuck St Mary’s San Diego State University 
Halle Mae Nottage Kona Crush SA Peninsula College 
Hevanilea Haunga  Hawaii Surf Soccer UNLV
Keawe’Iwi Pilayo Kona Crush SA Pacific University (OR) 
Jameson Sato Hawaii Rush Big Island University of Texas Permian Basin
Johnny Bicknell Kona Cursh SA Peninsula College 
Jordan Zarate Hawaii Surf Soccer Peninsula College
Kaiya Denis Hawaii Surf Soccer Peninsula College
Kento Konatsu Kona Crush SA Chapman University 
Kiana Corpuz

Kiana Serrao

Chicas Soccer Club

Hawaii Rush Big Island

Blue Mountain Community College

University of Puget Sound in Tacoma

Matthew Castro Kona Crush SA Samoa National Team 
Nalani Wall  Hawaii Surf Soccer Fresno Pacific 
Summer Cassidy  Hawaii Surf Soccer William Penn University  
Travis Cotton Kona Crush SA Cape Fear CC 
Tyler Waltjen Hawaii Rush Big Island UH Hilo


***  If there is a player missing from this list, please contact your club and have them send the information to the league.  We try to include everyone, but sometimes clubs/teams will overlook a player by mistake.

spring 2018 Playoff Results


8U Champions – Rush 10g Blue



Final Score 3-3, overtime, (won on kicks from the mark)


8U Finalists – Rush 10b blue


10U Flight A Champions – Rush 08b blue

Final score 5-1

10U Flight A Finalists – surf 10u premier


10U Flight B&c Champions – Leones Negros 10U

Final Score 1-0

10U Flight B&c Finalists – Parker Bulls SC 10ub


12U Flight A Champions – rush 06b

Final score 3-2

12U Flight A Finalists – surf 12u premier


12U Flight b&c Champions – Catch-a-fire 12u

Final score 5-3

12U Flight B&c Finalists – kona crush SA 07b


14U Flight a Champions – kona crush sa 04b

Final score 2-0

14U Flight a Finalists – rush 04b


14U Flight b&c Champions – na hoa 14u

Final score was 5-0

14U Flight b&c Finalists – kona heat


16U boys Champions – Rush 02b

Final score 2-0


16u boys Finalists – kona crush 03b


 19U girls champions – surf 99g

Final score 3-1


19u girls Finalists – kona crush girls academy i


19U boys Champions – Kona Crush aCADEMY I

Final score 6-2

19u boys Finalists – rush 99b



Fall 2017 Playoff Results


8U Champions – Surf Premier


8U Pool A Finalists – Rush BI 10b


10U Flight A Champions – Na Hoa 08b




10U Flight A Finalists – Rush 08b


10U Flight B Champions – Parker BUlls SC 08b



10U Flight B Finalists – Rush 09b


12U Flight A&b Champions – Surf 06b



12U Flight A&B Finalists – Rush 06b


12U Flight c Champions – Surf 12U girls



12U Flight c Finalists – Rush BI 07g


14U Flight A&b Champions – Rush 04b



14U Flight A&B Finalists – Kona crush 04b


14U Flight c Champions – kona crush 04g




14U Flight c Finalists – rush 04g


16U boys Champions – Rush 02b


19U girls – CHICAS


19U boys Champions – Kona Crush aCADEMY I



Congratulations to All Big Island HYSA Spring 2016

Champions & Finalists!

U16 Boys Division


(Final Score 4-3 in favor of KCSA 00b)

U19 Girls Division

Chicas – CHAMPIONS & Rush 97g – FINALISTS

(Final Score 4-1 in favor of Chicas)

U19 Boys Division


(Final Score 1-0 in favor of Eagles U19b)

U8 A Pool

Rush 08b – CHAMPIONS & Rush 08g – FINALISTS

(Final Score 13-5 in favor of Rush 08b)

U8 B Pool

KCSA 08b Yellow – CHAMPIONS & KCSA 08b Black – FINALISTS

(Final Score 8-7 in favor of KCSA 08b Yellow)

U10 Flight A

Rush 06b – CHAMPIONS & Surf 05g – FINALISTS

(Final Score 7-5 in favor of Rush 06b, overtime)

U10 Flight B

Leones Negros U10b – CHAMPIONS & PBSC U10 BW – FINALISTS

(Final Score 5-4 in favor of Leones Negros U10b)

U12 Flight A

Rush 04b – CHAMPIONS & Lanakila U12g FINALISTS

(Final Score 12-1 in favor of Rush 04b)

U12 Flight B


(Final Score 4-3 in favor of KCSA 04g, overtime)

U14 Flight A

Rush 02b – CHAMPIONS & Na Hoa U14 – FINALISTS

(Final Score 2-1 in favor of Rush 02b, overtime)

U14 Flight B

PBSC U14 BP – CHAMPIONS & Leones Negros U14b – FINALISTS

(Final Score 6-2 in favor of PBSC U14 BP)